The American Council on Public Safety (ACPS) is a national non-profit organization dedicated to keeping America’s communities safe through educational initiatives that forge a better understanding of our nation’s law enforcement community.


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Shoot or Don't Shoot Simulation

ACPS works with local and national journalists, elected officials, and community leaders to take them through various “Shoot or Don’t Shoot” scenarios.


Law Enforcement Surrogate Network

ACPS has a national network of credible surrogates to speak out in support of law enforcement when they come under attack from the media, community organizations, and political figures.

ACPS Membership

ACPS strives to be the most prominent grassroots organization “Defending the Shield.” The membership program specifically involves family members, friends, and supporters of law enforcement in addition to the officers themselves.



The American Council on Public Safety:

  • Aids local law enforcement in building stronger connections and communication with the communities they serve. We provide fact-based information to the media about the procedures, tactics and realities of policing

  • Seeks to promote common-sense solutions that help, not hurt, the ability for America’s local law enforcement to protect and serve their communities.

  • Is committed to ensuring the rights of all Americans are respected while protecting the effectiveness of the nation’s dedicated law enforcement professionals.